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The main goal of Taking Wellness to Heart is the education of women to the dangers they face from heart disease. We want to become part of your community movement towards heart health. you can get involved today by scheduling a Taking Wellness to Heart event in your area today, to start helping women live longer, stronger, heart healthy lives.

Heartstrong Woman Events:

We would love the opportunity to help you organize a Heartstrong woman event in your hometown. Done in conjunction with a local hospital or clinic, the Heartstrong Woman event will allow women in your community to gather together for a series of seminars form medical doctors, nurses and our national spokesperson, Laine Berry. Not only will the attendees enjoy a fabulous day of fun and education, they will also receive free cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose testing, helping them start down the path to better heart health.

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Go Red Luncheons:

Limited on time? The American Heart Association is teaching women to Go Red to increase awareness of heart disease and educate themselves to the threats they face from America's leading killer of women. Schedule a Go Red luncheon in your area to help raise funds for women's heart disease education and awareness. Taking Wellness to Heart will help you in securing a location, sponsorship and educators so that 100% of your ticket sales can go directly to supporting research in the field of women's heart disease. The luncheon is a one hour event that can fit into any woman's busy schedule, but will give her the information she needs to live heart healthy and spread the word about living heart healthy.

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Walk Red:

Nothing can stir the heart like the site of hundreds of women in red, united in the cause of ending the scurge of heart disease. We would love to visit with you about scheduling a Walk Red event in your area. The walk will help you raise money for life saving technologies in your area, by giving members of your community to sponsor individual walkers, or walk teams

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